Welcome to Michigans Largest Traveling LARP Item Shop.

LARPtopia Weapons and Wares is a traveling LARP item shop that sets up at LARP events, Medieval Festivals, and Conventions. We sell Calimacil, Epic Armoury, Burgschneider, Aradani, Furs, and More.

Check out our Events page to see where we'll be set up next!

Why Choose Us?

With us you can see the product up close so there will be no mistakes when making a decision.

You can avoid shipping charges when you shop with us in person. We can even sometimes meet you for item drop off if we're in the area.

We offer the exact same warranties on products as the manufacturers do.

We get new stock every month so our store is allways evolving.

What do we have?

The main brands we carry for weapons are Calimacil and Epic Armoury but we sometimes also sometimes have custom bows, wands, and other weapons.

Need armor or a new garb? We have Burgschneider, Epic Armoury, and Mytholon wares.

Want more variety? We got you covered. We also sell hand made leather accessories, bowls, belts, pouches, colorful larp arrows, furs, tails, and more.

Ask us to join you.

Did you know you can request us at your events?

We can tailor our display to fit your larps individual requirements. Just let us know what your rules allow and don't allow. We can add or subtract items according to your larps needs and sometimes even do special orders.

LARPs and other events we attend can also get free advertising on our website.