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the Merchant of Many Things - Formerly "Simple Fandom"

"As the owner of Simple Fandom, I’m both a LARP and convention vendor, dedicated to finding the best LARP gear from around the world. My favorite phrase is “Feel free to play with all the weapons!” and I encourage play time at every event.

At every LARP I play Molly the traveling merchant, supplying both necessities and luxuries from far away places. I’m physically disabled, so I'm always non-combat and rarely leave my shop. But if you stop by I’ll regale you with stories of my travels to events up and down the east coast. Fair warning: visiting my shop has been described as one of the most dangerous mods at any game, and although few wallets leave unscathed, the fantastic treasures you’ll find make it an adventure all its own.

At conventions my shop is the place to be – it's not just another booth, it's an entire store dedicated to everything LARP. Tell me about your character and I'll help you find the perfect accessories. As long as you're old enough to not chew on the merchandise, you can touch and play with everything. Try before you buy – nothing's off limits.

I prefer to focus on in-person sales, so this partnership with LARPtopia is a great way for me to branch out with a better and active online store. Working together, we'll be able to expand our offerings beyond what we traditionally carry. And there's nothing like working together with a good friend in a job that you both love. -Molly"

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